Frequently Asked Questions

We've assembled a list of the most common questions that we receive from
our callers and Members.

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Does ChatMember offer a Free Trial on its Chatlines?

Yes, we do offer a Free Trial.  First time male callers to the Chatline receive a block of minutes (currently 30 minutes) that allows them to send private messages to female callers and to respond to messages. Free Trial users do not have access to one-on-one Live Chat though. If you want to use the Live Chat feature, you must become a member by purchasing minutes.

If I don’t use all of my Free Trial minutes, can I call back and use them later?

Yes! As long as you call back from the same phone number, you may use your full free trial time over multiple calls.

Can I continue to call the Chatline for free after my Free Trial expires?

After the Free Trial time expires (currently 30 minutes, but subject to change), men can continue listening to greetings and receive private messages from women.  Although, at some point all good things have a limit and non-members will no longer have access to the Chatline.  Once this limit is reached we will let you know.  To continue calling the Chatline and listening to greetings, chatting live or to send private messages, we offer male callers a number of paid package options starting at just $4.99.  To see our current offering, click here.

Is the Chatline FREE for women?

The phone Chatline is always completely FREE for women, talk as much as you want, whenever you want!

Does ChatMember offer a Chatline that is FREE for male callers?

Yes!  We offer a Chatline where men are able to talk as much as they like, completely FREE.  They can call as often as they like and talk as much as they want.  On this line, women pay for memberships to chat with men!  The number to call for this Chatline is 509-676-1398.

How do I purchase a membership?

As a first time member to our service, there are many affordable membership packages starting at just $4.99. You can purchase one of our packages right from your telephone while on the Chatline using a credit, debit or prepaid card.  The process is automated, so NO operators to talk to.  And it is totally secure.  While you are on the Chatline, you may start the purchasing process by sending a Private Message or Live Chat Request. Then you will hear step-by-step instructions that walk you through buying a Member Package.

Do I get a discount when buying a membership for the first time?

Absolutely! We have special discounted packages available only to NEW members.  And we are currently offering free BONUS minutes (on most of our packages); with any purchase, at our already LOW rates! When you call the Chatline you will hear all of our latest offers.

When do my paid membership minutes start deducting?

Your minutes start deducting once you perform any action that is a “Member’s Only” service (i.e., requesting or accepting a live chat, sending a private message, replying to private message or listening to a Recorded Story; [Paid Actions]). For example, if you purchase 30 minutes, you could theoretically stay on the chat line for hours or days listening to greetings and messages and not use up any of your minutes. But the first time you reply to a message, send a message, or send a live chat connection request (or respond to one), your minutes begin to deduct for the remainder of the call, no matter what you are doing. When you call in again, the same scenario starts all over again, where your minutes only begin to run once you take any “Paid Action.”

Do you send text messages?

We do.  If you call from a mobile phone, we occasionally send text messages.  For example, when you make a purchase, we will send you a text receipt for your records.  On occasion we send special offers.  Or sometimes, we might send you a message with valuable information on how best to use the Chatline.

I definitely want to receive text messages with special offers.  How do I opt-in?

First time callers to the Chatline, at the beginning of their call hear a prompt announcing that we send text messages.  After hearing this prompt, and pressing 1 to continue onto the Chatline, callers are now opted-in to receive texts.

What if I don’t want to receive text messages?  Can I stop them?

Yes, absolutely.  At any time, you can reply to any one of our texts with the word STOP.  This automatically moves your mobile number to the opt-out list and excludes you from receiving future texts.

Is the Chatline private?

Yes, very. You don’t have to give out your phone number or any personal information while you are using the Chatline.  And your phone number is never seen by anyone else using the Chatline. You can choose the name that other callers hear, many callers make up a name.  You choose which callers are of interest to you.  You can request live conversations with whomever you wish, or send them private messages. If you receive messages from callers that you don’t want to speak to or get messages from, you can temporarily block them from sending you additional messages and they will no longer hear your public greeting. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

When I call ChatMember Chatline numbers, will I be charged long distance?

That all depends on your calling plan and the number you use to call the Chatline. We provide telephone numbers for hundreds of cities across North America. Check with you long distance provider for details.  We also provide toll-free numbers available to First Time Callers only.

Why is it, when I call one of your local chatline numbers I am not finding any callers local to me?

Our Chatlines have a nationally based pool of callers from all over the United States, as well as Canada. We receive thousands of calls each and every day, from all over.  So, depending on how populated your area is, you may or may not hear callers near your location.  Local Numbers that we offer are available as a courtesy to those callers who may prefer to call a number that is in their phone service's "local calling area" (as a way to avoid using their long distance service).

What is the difference between your local chatline numbers, and those you have in the 509 area code?

Our local chatline numbers are VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) numbers, and our 509 numbers are landlines.  The call quality (clarity and reliability) with landline calls is slightly-to-significantly better than calls made over a VoIP service (in varying degrees from carrier to carrier).  We offer both types of numbers so that our callers have options in choosing which works best for them.

How do your toll-free FREE Trial numbers work?

We do offer Free Trial Toll-Free numbers.  However, these are for first time callers only.  Once you call a toll-free number, you will hear options for other direct numbers to use to access the Chatline.

The particular woman I want to chat with seems to always be unavailable, and I end up burning through my minutes waiting for her to connect with me.  What can I do?

Don’t be so particular!  A majority of the women on the Chatline are very open and friendly, and often ready and available to chat with any man.  It is true that once you make your first “member action” (like sending a Private Message or Live Chat request) your minutes will then begin ticking down.  So once you send a message or Live Chat request, and go back to browsing, why not make good use of your time by messaging other women until your favorite becomes available? Who knows, you may discover you have several favorites you can look forward to exchanging messages or chatting live with.

What do I do if I disagree with charges made to my account?

If the posting date seems incorrect, keep in mind when you make a purchase on Friday-Saturday-Sunday (or a National Holiday) your Bank may wait until the next Business Day to postdate your transaction.  If you disagree with any charges made to your account, please contact us to resolve the dispute before contacting your credit card company. You may contact us by either email ( or telephone 1-877-771-4255. If you contact us by email, please provide your Member ID and state your reasons for your dispute and identify the disputed charge. This will allow us to accurately and promptly assess your complaint and, when justified, credit your credit card with the disputed amount in a timely manner to avoid any further inconvenience to you.

The Live Chat conversation I had did not meet my expectations.  Am I entitled to a refund or can I be compensated by free minutes?

We have thousands of callers on the line each and every day.  You are always in control of who you do or do not wish to connect with.  If at any time you are unhappy with a Live Chat, you may exit the conversation by pressing the pound # key.  This will take you back to the Caller Greetings where you can begin browsing again to select a different caller that you may have more in common with.

How do you secure my Chatline account once I have purchased minutes?

We have a number of safeguards for keeping your account secure from unauthorized access.  When you make your first purchase and receive your 7-digit member ID, you create your own 4-digit security PIN number.  Every time you call the Chatline you will need to enter both your Member ID and PIN.  Your PIN number should remain secret and you should never give it to anyone.  If you or anyone tries to access your Member account from a new telephone number, the last 4-digits of a credit card used to make purchases needs to be entered, otherwise access is denied.  If you have forgotten your PIN number, or someone has your Member ID but not PIN, you can retrieve your PIN, but you must have the last 6-digits of the credit card number and MUST be calling from a telephone number already authorized on the account.  So we have put a number of safeguards in place to protect your account information!

How will the charges appear on my credit card statement?

Right after your purchase has been successfully processed, you will hear a system message that informs you of the company name that will show on your credit card statement.  From time to time this ‘company name’ associated with your purchase may change, so it is important to listen to your confirmation message (or review your text receipt, if you have opted to receive one).

Am I allowed to use a Business Credit Card to make my purchase?

Yes and Maybe.  If you are the owner of the business and the card is in your name, and you have sufficient funds to cover the purchase, it should go through fine.  However, you should check with your card issuer first to make sure there are no restrictions on the types of purchases you can make.  Our Chatline service is sometimes categorized by credit card companies as a “Dating & Escort Service”, even though this is not what we are.  Purchases that fall into this category might be deemed “unacceptable” on a Business Card, that might be designated for business related expenses only.

Why is it that your system told me that my purchase was Declined, however I am seeing a charge on my online billing activity?

When a failed purchase due to an incorrect expiration date, incorrect CVV security code or incorrect billing address, and results in a Declined transaction, most banks have a policy of “holding funds” for the amount of the transaction.  Banks or credit card companies verify that funds are available and put a temporary hold on those funds, but the transaction was declined because the data you entered did not match the banks records.  The charge you are seeing is more than likely “pending” (and not actually “posted”) and will drop off (disappear) in a day or two.

Why are there multiple charges in a row that posted to my credit card account, all on one single day / or a couple of days that I was not even on the Chatline?

Actual processing times vary between banks. If you made purchases on a Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday, you may see a delay of 2-3 days until they actually post to your credit card account.  Banking Holidays will also factor in to delayed posting times.

I just became a member and used your service fine, but once my minutes ran out and I tried to reorder I heard a system message that my chat account has been Disabled and that I need to contact Customer Service.  Why did this happen?

This will happen when there is a billing issue that we need resolve..  For example:  your Name & Address recordings could not be understood or were blank.  Please contact customer service at 1-877-771-4255 for further assistance.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, of course.  At any time you can email or telephone 1-877-771-4255.  Let us know your Member ID and we can disable it for you.

Can I use ChatMember services if I’m under the age of 18?

If you are under 18-years old then unfortunately you cannot use ChatMember services or affiliated Chatlines (yet), because it is an environment for adults only.

Can I share my membership account with a friend or another person?

We definitely DO NOT recommend this.  If you share your Member ID and security PIN number, you are giving them the ability to make purchases using your credit card(s) on file. You will be responsible for all charges made by anyone you give your Member information to; so again, this is not recommended!

My phone service provider has shut down my phone service because they say I have called your Chatline number too much.  What can be done about this?

We have no control over the phone service you use to call into our Chatline service.  It is your responsibility to be aware of the limitations your service provider has put in place.  Nearly all of the so called “unlimited calling plans” have restrictions included in their fine print. You may or may not receive any warning from your phone service company when you are about to reach or have exceeded those restrictions.

Why is it that while I was on the Chatline for a long time my call was suddenly dropped, and I got disconnected, even though everything was fine with my phone and my phone service?

If you are using a mobile phone or VoIP service, any call you make – whether to our service or to someone else – will automatically end without warning once the “call duration limit” set forth by your service provider has been reached.  The amount of time before your call drops varies from service to service.  Some will cut you off after as little as 60 uninterrupted minutes of call time.  Others will drop your call at 2, 3 or 4 solid hours (120, 180 or 240 minutes).  If ever your call is unexpectedly dropped, we welcome you to call back in again.

What can be done when I call the Chatline and hear a lot of static on the line? Or I have a hard time understanding what the other callers are saying?

Quite often the sound of static on the line can be attributed to a “bad connection”.  Rather than waiting for it to pass or get better, we recommend you first try hanging up and then calling back in.  If you still hear static over everything (pre-recorded instructions and caller greetings alike) there may be an issue with your phone service, or weather conditions in your area. We recommend you contact your provider to check for outages or trouble incidents.  If you are only hearing static related to one or more of the callers’ greetings or messages, and not with all of the callers, it is likely caused by the phone or phone service that that particular caller is using (which we have no control over).

How long does the Call Blocking last?  I accidentally blocked a caller I really wanted to connect with, how can I “unblock” them?

Any caller has the option of ‘Blocking’ another caller from contacting them by pressing 5 while listening to that caller’s greeting.  However, this ‘Block’ is only for that call only.  If either caller hangs up or disconnects from the Chatline and calls back in, the Block is removed.

Are there any “real women” on your chatlines, or all the women paid to call?

Our Chatline is open and available for any women over the age of 18 to call.  At most times the volume of male callers on the Chatline far outnumbers the female callers, so to help fill the void we do have some women that are incentivized to spend time on the Chatline.  Women who are incentivized to call are “real women” who are live on the Chatline at the same time you are.  And they have told us themselves, that under normal circumstances they would call the Chatline for fun, even if they weren’t getting paid to do so.

I really enjoy the Chatline and have been a member for a long time now, and have spent a lot of money on your service.  I think I deserve some kind of perk every now and again.  What’s a guy got to do?

We have a Loyalty Program in place for members just like you!  Whenever you hit various milestones (membership anniversaries, purchasing levels, etc etc) our system automatically applies FREE MINUTES to your account.  Whenever you receive these bonuses you will hear an alert message, thanking you for your continued loyalty. The longer you remain an active member, and the more you spend, the more rewards you will receive.